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WordPress Multisite, Domain Mapping, SSL & Hell Freezing Over

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Situation:

The goal of this project is to install an SSL on a WordPress Multisite with mapped domains.  Here are the ingredients:

  • SiteGround WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress Multisite Installation
  • SSL through Let’s Encrypt
  • WPMUDEV Domain Mapping Plugin
  • Support: SiteGround
  • Support: WPMUDEV

The Problem:

Redirect loops.  Redirect loops all over the place!

Hell Freezing Over

The WordPress Multisite Setup Summary

How I am about to jump off a cliff over SSL and Domain Mapping. Not really... but it adds effect.

A little background on this problem.  I started out on a HostGator reseller account with a Multidomain SSL and tried to set up shop there.  I ran into the exact same issues I am running into at SiteGroup but with much slower speeds and much worse support on the server side of things.

After a week of waiting on HostGator (A thank you to the Twitter support team because the only time a ticket was answered was when I tweeted about it) I decided to test out SiteGround which I had heard great things about.

I bought a new domain and setup WordPress Multisite (Sub-Domain setup) on their WordPress hosting package.  I was initially going to use the Multisite SSL I had, then thought about using Cloudflare’s Free generic feel good SSL when SiteGround support told me about their SSL called, Let’s Encrypt. How awesome is that? Their support is already trying to make things better for me.

I went added a multisite website, choose an old domain I had and pointed the A Record over to my dedicated IP address and set the domain up as an add on domain in the cpanel.  I then mapped the domain using the WPMUDEV domain mapping plugin which is supposed to support SSL.  That is when I started getting all these 301 redirect errors.



To try to make things easier, I am not worrying about www.  My end goal is to have this URL work:

Here are my initial settings for the domain mapping

Gotta start somewhere...